Any Deke TV users?

Does anyone have experience to share regarding Deke TV box? Or just their IPTV subscription? Any info is greatly appreciated.


  • padmanpadman Moderator
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    I would be open to try deke if they offer monthly subscriptions...

    I once had a Season IPTV sub (paid annually via paypal), worked for a couple of months then they closed down shop. Money loss, lesson learned.

    Never paying for IPTV subscription packages on a yearly basis.

  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    Their website said they offer free trial:
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    They have free trial on their apk version which has only live TV. Their box version appears to also have VOD and 7 days replay on 300+, per my internet research. Running their free trial apk does remind me about Maige - very similar channel list, very fast channel switching, and great quality (best quality I have seen among all IPTVs on those H265 channels). Research on internet also shows additional similarity with Maige - ability to timeshift when watching live TV, and option to select a different server (just pointing out the facts from my observation, not implying they are indeed the same :) .) It will be great if the actual users can share their usage experience, such as reliability of their service.

    @padman , thanks so much for bringing up the warning against subscription based IPTV. I was burnt by Maige when they stopped service all of a sudden after 18 months of great service to me. However, I was also burnt by TVpad 2, 3, and lately Moonbox on these subscription-free models (even though I got option to upgrade to TVpad 4 at a somewhat reduced price). Based on my personal experience, I still love my TVpad4, HTV, and Unblock, but I think that the risk between sub & sub-free models are pretty much the same, and it's just the risk that any user will have to take in this game. Just my 2cents :)
  • Are you able to add third party apps to deke tv?
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