Video looping

ghokghok Junior Member

Anyone experience with the TVPAD 5, occasion live TV (extraordinary TV) video looping? say watching the TV and suddenly it loops back to say 10 sec before and I have to watch it again with that 10 sec.

I have changed a modem, switch the router etc.. but still having this issue.

Any help or suggestion appreciated.

by the way, I bought the tvpad 5 from the sponsor.


  • ZipoZipo Junior Member
    Yeah, it was like that over a month after they fixed the audio not sync with the video, it happened on reply and sometimes on Vod too. After the looping it sometimes skip forward a few seconds too.The worst one is, on one time it lopped the same "cat dung coffee "over 3 time segments. Maybe it is new definition of 回看, they are pretty good fixing what's wrong but they might need to know, maybe Mr. Padman can notify them, they seems listen to him.????
  • ghokghok Junior Member
    Thanks for the info. At least now I know I'm not alone and continue to think that it is my other hardware causes such. So far, I only spend money on a new modem. .. :s
  • ZipoZipo Junior Member
    The lopping is so bad past few days, repeat few seconds 4 -5 times and then might skip forward, looks like if lopped 4 seconds then skips 4 seconds. I only watch Cantonese and it happened on Cantonese vod too. Don't know where to report, but if they know, they might fix it.
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