TVpad 4 streams all 100Kb/s slow

Hi all, since a few days ago, all streams from TVpad 4 are running only 100Kb/s or less speed hence keeps lagging and shattering.

It is not my internet connection as I have other boxes with no issues.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I think the servers are overloaded or its service is about to die


  • me too, especially the morning time and the evening time( us east coast), all playback shows and tvb drama and variety shows had the same problem, download speed around 140kb/s, this problem started last Friday night, Saturday night and sunday night. I guess the severs are overloaded, Anyway, yue tv don't have problem at this time. you can try it now.
  • Good to hear its not just me. So can others confirm they got the same issue? I think this is definitely congestion. I'm in Sydney Australia btw
  • Hi guys I received a whatsapp message about special fathers day deal on BlueTV, I wonder if this is a deliberate attempt to make you buy Blue TV @ USD $125
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @neonlight Is that from the official account or a 3rd party seller?
  • @neonlight Is that from the official account or a 3rd party seller?
    I previously entered my work mobile for the purchase of TVpad 4 before the official site was shutdown. The only company that knows my mobile number.

    So it is official I guess.

    discount code 17coupon99

    I'm not here to advertise for them but if it benefits anyone go ahead and try.

    Also regarding this slow stream issues, looks like only VOD content is affected. I tested all VOD content all TVpad 4 they are all sluggish, except Live channels which got no issues.

    It has to be a server issue or congestion.
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