Moonbox demands for server fee?

A notice shows up on my MoonBox 4 Pro tonight, it claims MoonBox server fee is overdue and the user has to pay USD15 on or before 11/10/17. Is it legit?


  • padmanpadman Moderator
    I guess your yearly sub for MBP ran out. I believe they come with 1 year of sub.

    I guess depending the 15 is per month or per year. It may be worth it.
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  • That server fee isn't relate to the subscription. I still have almost 180 days but still asked $15/year.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Should be related to this. But I haven't heard the pro box getting the $15 ransom message.
  • I got a Moon Box Pro and received that message. Now my box is being lock out, since I didn't pay the $15 server fee. As I said earlier, I still have close to 180 day left on my subscription.
    Unfortunately, I bought that box about half years ago.
  • cheuk5cheuk5 Senior Member

    Yes this is a rip off .it is look like Tvpad lock it out the of USA user in 5.066 in US region.So we can use Mr.Benxiong's file to solve the problem
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