First time on here. So not too sure if anybody has this problem. Just bought a HK UBOX Pro, the problem is, it freezes after about an hour. I have to keep switching the power off in order to restart it. I guess it might be a software problem? Does anybody have any suggestions apart from taking it back?

Any advice is welcome : )



  • First, what is your location? if you're in States or somewhere in the world besides Hong Kong, why you buy the HK version instead of OS (oversea) version? my Upro OS version don't have the problem, return it.
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    I had a HK version which froze like that. Took it back and got it exchanged for another one.

    I asked the retailer what the difference was between the OS and HK versions and he said that there's a lesser chance of the OS version being blocked when used overseas. It was also HK$230 more expensive. I don't have any issues with the exchanged UPro HK version so far when using in the UK.
  • For Ubox4 S900 Pro BT, there is no separate HK or HK versions. So this is a safer buy, I guess. I am going to buy one in HK in November, hahaha.
  • I have bought the box in HK and have the HK version. Thanks for the replies everyone.
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  • It is great that the HK version has no problem in Netherland. Just wonder if the HK version has problem in North America?
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