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Dear all,

Has anyone own an android iplayer i5 tv box?
If so, what is the latest firmware for that device and how I can obtain and upgrade the device to the latest firmware.
Many Thanks! :)

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  • 535four535four Member
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    I think it's 3.7, you can't get an upgrade since all the supporting sites was shut down.
  • link6446link6446 Junior Member
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    Last firmware I downloaded was 4.2
  • 535four535four Member
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    That's not OEM FW.
  • 535four535four Member
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    link6446 Wrote:
    > Last firmware I downloaded was 4.2

    link6446, you're right about it, the newest oem firmware is 4.2, I just found out on their main site in China.
    'cause in the past the clubtvpad and newtvpad they both release a modified 4.2 firmware for download.

    Thanks for your correction. :)-D
  • AhfeiAhfei Junior Member
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    Hi everyone.

    The hdtv app on my iplayer i5 does not work anymore, so I can't watch live HK channels.

    I've reinstalled the 4.2 firmware from clubtvpad.com but to no avail. Can anyone help?

    Does your hdtv app work?

  • 535four535four Member
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    There's nothing wrong with the firmware, it's the app, how long does it not working on hdtv 4.2 ? you'll need at least 4.6 version to make it work, if you've been with clubtvpad, you should have it.
    or refash the OEM firmware from here http://www.iplayer.pro/h-col-306.html
  • AhfeiAhfei Junior Member
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    Hi, no I don't have firmware 4.6, only 4.2. I have been away from the UK for several months so maybe that's why the app wasn't updated. The app hasn't worked since Oct.

    I will try to install the OEM firmware to see if it works. Thank you.
  • AhfeiAhfei Junior Member
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    I didn't reinstall the OEM firmware, I simply installed the updated apps from phoneunlock.com, and thank goodness hdtv works again. It is version 5.1.

    I've also installed the catchup app and it works as well. However, there seems to be problems with the app. I've tested it out on several channels and different programmes but all seems to be the same. Whenever you watch a programme it skips ahead sporadically. For example, an half hour programme, it will just show several minutes because it keeps skipping ahead, making the programme pretty much unwatchable.

    Do any of you have this same problem or is it just me?
  • I have the newtvpad i8, everything is not working now. Can I download the oem firmware and the latest HDTV and CYplayback to make it works again?
  • Yes, you can, but playback was down for couple of weeks. HDTV still working.
  • Thanks. So I need to email to iplayer to get back the access after install the oem firmware? Give them the user name and password under the box?
  • Yes, good luck!
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