Htv A3 release time

fatcatfatcat Junior Member

I have HTV 3 and Unblock 4. Both of them working now. I want to buy a new box for my bedroom. There are 3 brand I am looking at now. HTV is promoting the new A3 every time I turn on the box said it's just release. But I saw the A3 is selling at Amazon and Ebay since last year. I just wondering it just release or released last year? Also I am looking at Unblock proS. I understand it's the longest life box. All of my friends version 2 still working. It has been 5 years. All of our TVpad, Blue TV and Cool TV dead long ago. But Unblock's 7 day replay is handicaped. I never get to watch it. The other is EVpad max. It's the most expense. But it has 3 G and 32G internal. My 2 friends in Canada told me it get a lot more program to watch more then the other 2 boxes. Anybody can answer my first question and give my some suggestion. Thank you!


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