system update on HTV 3

fatcatfatcat Junior Member

This post I post at the wrong place. I post it again as a new post.

I have a HTV3 about 2 1/2 years old from Amazon. So far it still working but has the EC12 error code few times per day. Last night it suddenly pop up a message for system update. I selected cancel and the box still working today. I don't want to update because I read some post said after update need to paid a subscription. I didn't get the end of life message. But I think it's close to the end of life. What you guys think? I think I need to look for a new box. I have a Ubox 4 about 2 years old. It still working good but The 7 days replay never work and no HK verity show. Anybody have any suggestion. What you guys think about EVpad Max or FunTV? Thank you!


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