Htv5 A2 not loading after factory reset

I just factory reset my htv5 A2 box. Now it gets to the better live better TV splash screen but then turns black. The app doesn't not open. Any ideas what to do to fix this?


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    So I tried downloading the HTV5 firware from which installed but it is different from the A2 program. Now the remote controller does not work either. Does anyone have the A2 firmware I can download? Thank you and happy holidays

  • My HTV5 told me that it will only last for another seven days unless I buy a new A3 or pay for activation code.

    Any one has the same problem?

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    I have the same issue. I was not able to find Netflix so I did the factory reset. But after the reset, I encountered the error "Unfortunately, starry launcher has stopped!". I contacted Philip and he told me that the firmware was corrupted. Who has the A2 firmware?

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  • I can't install any apk too. it seems they block it........

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