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Hi fellow TVPad3 users,

After a couple attempts I managed to get my TVPad3 to view TVB playbacks (VOD). I'm in Vancouver. The instructions below was what I done to get TVB playbacks for TVPad3.

GVOS 4.18

You will need two USB flash drive. One to hold your backup file and the other for the TVPad app updates.

First you need to backup your TVPad3 apps using the toolbox software that is available from TVPad Store. The tool is called ???. Back the apps into an USB drive. Download and unzip the the TVPad updated (see link below) files into the root directory of your 2nd USB flash drive.

Once you have completed your backup onto one of the USB flash drive you can turn off the TVPad3. Remove the USB flash drive containing the backup file. While the TVPad3 is off you can plug in the USB flash drive with the unzipped files in root directory. Make sure the files are not inside a folder. Turn on TVPad3 and wait a few moments. TVPad3 will ask if you want to install the files. Go through the guided steps on the TV screen. The screen menu / steps are in Chinese characters. These files will update your TVPad3 apps to the latest version plus will install N+.

check out this useful thread if you're using TVPad3. I cannot confirm whether this will work for TVPad1 and TVPad2.
These fles are in the zip file:
n+ store

I hope this will help those using TVPad3 to get their TVB dramas back. It worked for me.
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    I just download and updated the files APPs

    ONLY these ???? App is working, All other are not working....any way Thank you

    I am in Chicago, IL.
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