Problem with IP DNS? This is mainly for TVPad 4 users and some TVPad 3.

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Problem? This is mainly for TVPad 4 users.

As of 11/25/2015
TVPad 4 use auto assign IP to watch, no more needing of DNS.
TVPad 3 can use DNS (Some reports said this DNS work at the moment)

DNS you can try:
credit to padman
Australia Region
Canada (Work for Toronto)

For those (TVPad 4) that have (red)X on the user icon, that cannot open apps, with message saying "use of tvpad is restricted, please contact an authorized dealer". You need to contact TVPad on web or call them to solve that problem. We can not activate your box here. (Changing DNS will not help on this)

For those that dont see any IP, Subnet, Gateway and DNS

1. check you network connection (if it's plug in(wired) or login to wireless)
2. go to settings then network click Auto then click ACQUIRED (you should automatic get an IP,Subnet,gateway and DNS) (if you dont get an IP the problem most likely it's your router connections)
3. in network settings go to Manual add IP. then change the DNS to the one your liking. (make sure the IP, Subnet, Gateway stays the same as the one you got from doing AUTO) (if you use wifi connection make sure you know you SSID and enter the password correctly)
4. everything should work now. if not do a cold boot (unplug the power cord then plug it back in)

For those that cannot watch with BETV Plus,??????,???? or what so ever.

1. most of those old apps still work, just restricted. (not your problem. blame the country for IP blocking.)
2. to watch HK live please install YueTV, and for mainland china live install TV Plus 2.0 (they work flawlessly here in NYC US) (Don't ask how to install these apps if you have TVPad3, because they wont work for TVPad3)

Edit: after following these steps and you still cannot get an IP address (I suggest you not to do anything to your TVPad from now on, and bring your TVPad to a specialist and pay them to do it for you.)
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    thanks........good post
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    Hi Dookie, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    I have the red x on my user icon, however now that the site is down, how can I get in touch with them?
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    2. [email protected]
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