Anyone have problems with the OEM remote

mypadmypad Junior Member
I have problems with the OEM remote since day one. The up-down-left-right buttons on the remote sometimes didn't work properly, when I press down, it will goes up or to the left. It is very frustrating when you are trying to choose the program to watch on Replay.

Also, the OK button on the remote sometimes didn't response, sometimes go 2X.

Does anyone use air mouse for the HTV? I am considering to buy one to replace the OEM remote.

Do you guys have any fix or suggestions?


  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Don't have any issue with it. When you say it doesn't work properly with the cursor, does it click ?

  • mypadmypad Junior Member
    Yes, it does click, but sometimes get no response or react 2X. Even I use my Logitech Smart Control to remote control it, it acts the same way.

    I suspect the box maybe located too far away from my couch, about 8' away. I will try moving closer to the box to try it again tonight.

  • TVpadCATVpadCA Just Watchin`
    I use it about 9 ft from the box. The mouse is very responsive, react 2x per click. I point the remote up at an angle of 30 to 45 degree, that helps to slow down a bit.
  • mypadmypad Junior Member
    Hi TVPadCA,

    Thanks for the suggestion! Sometimes when I click the downward button too fast, the cursor will go leftward....

    Yesterday when I tried to watch the 3/13 6:30 pm TVB news program on Replay, I chose the date 3/13 on the top of the timetable, then press the downward button on the remote continuously to go down to the program, before the cursor/highlight reach the program, it jumped to the 3/14 timetable which is on the left side/column of 3/13 timetable. It happened to me many times. Have no idea what's wrong.

    I just bought an air mouse to replace the oem remote, it performed very good and save me a lot of time to click through programs and timetable.

    But I hope they will develop a remote app that we can use our cell phone to remote control the HTV.
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