After UBOX update Overseas 3.34, UB Replay app shows 2013?

Hi guys, so I recently updated the winlauncher to overseas 3.34, also used APKLauncher updated all apps. When I tried the UB replay app its showing 2013-08? This is so weird it doesn;t load anything as well. Uninstall then install again makes no difference can anyone share what to do?


  • bamby8bamby8 Junior Member
    edited April 2016
    I've occasionally seen those symptoms with 2013 dates along the top with no data when UBrec has not been working in the past. It's a server problem.

    UBrec and UVOD haven't been working for past week for us - stuck at 0 KB/sec. On one occasion, I did manage to get a selected programme in UBrec to play.
  • Thanks for the reply. It looks like its not just me
  • bamby8bamby8 Junior Member
    My ubox also showing 2013 dates since you first reported it.
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