Question: Cantonese dubbed Korean drama app

Does anyone know of an Android app that has Korean dramas with Cantonese audio ? Similar to the ones on .

P.S.: I know I can install Kodi and then use the AZDrama add-on, but I am lazy to do that.


  • cheuk5cheuk5 Senior Member
    If you are lazy to do that.Then nobody can help you. B)
  • LOL, ok fine, I did install Kodi with the AZDrama add-on yesterday to get it over with :) Still if anyone knows of a native Android app that has these Canto dubbed dramas, then please let me know.
  • I think DramaGo addon for Kodi has it. There's an app call Vikings but doesn't not have dubbed only English subtitles
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  • Sorry I meant viki
  • vqin88vqin88 Junior Member
    This kind of Cantonese dubbed Korean dramas is mostly from Hong Kong. So, you need to find under TVB, ViuTV, HKTV or other Hong Kong television stations. There is an Android app - ViuTV Free TV Channel 99 that I think you need to have VPN to watch just like HKTV.

    Or, you can use vChannel.
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  • I have the box connected to an HK VPN, but HKTV still won't connect. Anyone have a working version of the HKTV app? Thanks.
  • vqin88vqin88 Junior Member
    For HKTV I think you need to register as an user first.
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    Well, I got the YueTV 0.40 to work by changing the time zone to China and using the China VPN. So I can watch HKTV that way.
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