Phantoman has officialy Retired

Guys as I mentioned on my wall, I am officially retiring from the TVPad (or any TV box) hacking scene now that TVPad1/2/3 are dead. I didn't have the time anyway (work, studies, etc.).

I am sure some other hacker will come along and help the community, just like I did for many years. I just hope they are not driven by lust for money and that they will help the community for free.

I really had a fun time doing this, but everything in life has to come to an end one day. I'll still be around of course, just as a normal user this time around :)

And one last thing before I throw in the towel. Please try to support the makers of TV programs and movies in some way if you can (e.g. I also have a TVB Anywhere box and I do occasionally go to the theater). While we all agree that they are milking us big time (money wise of course), we do not want them all to go belly up either or stop producing material for us to watch.
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  • Phantoman, thank you for your contribution. A lot of people benefit from your hard work. It's time to move on offer things in life. Hope to see you around as a IPTV user rather than a hacker hehe
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