Update issue with my unblock - Please help me !

Dear All,

First of all, thanks in advance for your help regarding this issue.

I bought this box in April 2014 when I was in HK.

I used it for over a year without any issue while I was living in Bangkok.

When I get back to france, i Decided to restore the tvbox, by using RESET FACTORY DATE.

Here is what I get once my box has been restored :


Once I connect the box to the wifi, the system will offer me to update the box for the latest version : 4.0.8_android_oversea (please refer to the link for the screenshot)


After trying to install the update, I have this error message saying : An existing package by the same name with conflicting signature is already installed


When I'm trying to connect to the UB MARKET, its loading, but nothing appear or he will ask me again to update the android version....

I'm a bit lost and I have this issue since I get back now .... DO you have any idea ????

How can I restore the tvbox by using directly the latest android version ?

Many thanks


  • If you have done a reset via Settings, then that error message means that the firmware update your downloaded is not for the Ubox that you have.

    HK version is different than the oversea version, I am not sure why the box will offer to download the oversea version when your box is bought from HK. You might want to check with UB directly and they may have to move your box MAC to the oversea pool.
  • thanks for your reply

    I will get in touch with them directly....
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