TVPad1, TVPad2, TVPad3 Revival (since May 2016) ???


  • Dammit... I just tried out the PKG and discovered its just the Phanto app with their channel list.
    Some channels actually work, but most do not.

    In case you dont know, heres some details about Phanto here...

  • I tried to install the revive install but failed. After reading various post, I think my TVPad is running an older fimeware (3.26). Is there a 3.7 firmware I can find to update first before I try the revive app again?

  • cyberguerillacyberguerilla Junior Member

    I used to run a M121S but have not heard anything about firmware newer than v.3.2.x

    Considering the drop in price for Android TV Boxes and the relative ease to get both broadcast and VOD content not tied to any particular hardware, I don't see a big need to constantly keep watching for channel lists so the Phanto app is not really for me.

    It makes more sense to see if I can completely wipe out the TVPad OS and replace it with something more generic (e.g. Linux or certain OSes that Rasberry Pi can run). Even an OS with a text-only interface to run stuff like Apache would be useful. Has anyone tried to explore that?
  • Is it still possible to revive older version of tvpad trough the method mentionned in the discussion?
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @Eli1314 You can still install the phantoman app on the legacy tvpads. However the issue is finding working streams.
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