Unable to get TVPAD4 to update to newest firmware from v5.046

I've moved house a few months ago and had packed up my TVPAD4. Haven't touched it since before the shut down in October 2015 so have no updated it at all.

Still sitting at v5.046 firmware and of course, when I turned it on today to catch the latest TVB drama, it no longer works. Can't connect to server and cannot ping DNS on the test.

After reading hundreds of posts online, I've come to conclude that I need the latest firmware in order to connect.

I downloaded this version 5.06 from the link below but upon using the 200981811 code, the firmware cannot be applied. (It says there is some error in the footprint or something).


I subsequently was able to reconnect my device using a DNS number I found on one of these pages but still cannot update from system itself. It says the most up to date version is v5.05 and when I go to update, it gets stuck at 0%.

I'm guessing that this is because v5.05 is no longer available as it is now also quite old but how can I go from v5.046 to the newest version?

Does someone have a working firmware file I can download onto a SD card?

Thanks a million in advance. I've wasted a whole day doing this already.


  • padmanpadman Moderator
    don't update the firmware, update the app

    look in the tvpad 4 useful files topic
  • I've re-installed all my apps so they are all up to date from the server. Problem is every time I watch, a pop up reminder comes up every 5 minutes reminding me to update to 5.05 and I have to press ok. Very annoying to do it 12 times an hour and have no way to actually update.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Strange. I thought the latest is 5.06

    Can you post a screnshot ?
  • cheuk5cheuk5 Senior Member
    Are you follow the http://eric-poon.blogspot.com.au/2015/11/tvpad4-firmware-v-5060.html to get the file in USB drive and do not unzip the file?
  • UKTVPADUKTVPAD Junior Member
    Problem is the current 5.06. update is for TVPAD4 firmware V5.054 or above.
    If you have anything lower like your v5.046, you need to first update to V5.054 or above before you can apply the v5.060 update.
  • So does anybody know where I can get the 5.054 update?
  • tvbolontvbolon Junior Member
    edited December 2016
    So does anybody know where I can get the 5.054 update?
    I read somewhere here before, that firmware if 5.054 is not available on net...only the 5.060.
    You may wanna send email to tvpad and ask for it...
    Plus, if you live in US u dont wanna go further than firmware v5.054
    v5.060 is an updated for people lives outside US ...like Canada ....
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