Hong Kong apps?

I just did a reset of my moonbox, and i can no longer find the hong kong apps on Tv Garden. Entering 1111HK into search doesn't come up with the HK apps i need. I get the ViuTV app and the CherryTV app, that's about it.

Anyone have an APK to share? My moonbox is pretty much useless at this time. My reseller is tvpadtalk.com, he's no longer in business :(


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    I was able to find this link to download the app: 粵港視界 (HKVision, HKWorld)

    However, after installing it in my moonbox m3, it doesnt open, blank screen.

    For anyone whos in the same page as myself, you can download 粵好睇【H.TV專用】 with the link above, this looks to be a good replacement for HKvision. (this app works well on Tvpad too!!)
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    This is great site. Thanks!
  • Thanks, look like they have everything.
  • I do have some good app download from AmazingStation.com. It work pretty well and it's free.
  • My HK world app not working, even un install and re installed back. Can anyone give me a help, thanks!
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