How to use AV(rca) as a output

I'm trying to hook it up to a microphone and my current setup requires me to output at least the sound part via screen cable. Any ideas or suggestions for set up?


  • UKTVPADUKTVPAD Junior Member
    If your TV dont have an audio output ( RED / White ), you will need to use the HTV AV cable via the av port on the back of HTV box.
  • ZipoZipo Junior Member
    I also tried AV (rca)plug to the back of the HTV box and no signal to the tv. I tried 2 different cables one is little longer end ( came with tvpad) and one normal shorter end, no signal and I have 2 HTV box, both boxes behaving the same, no video or audio to tv, is there any settings that need to change? Or HTV requires their own cable? The box didn't come with the cable so I thought just normal AV cable should work but no work.
  • UKTVPADUKTVPAD Junior Member
    HTV 's AV cable are different to the like of TVPAD's AV cable.
    To use the AV video output, Disconnect the HDMI cable, restart the HTV will switch to AV mode.
    HTV cannot output both HDMI and AV Video the same time but can output AV audio while using the HDMI output.
  • TvpaderTvpader Junior Member
    So what kind of AV cable does it require or where can I get them. How to I set hdmi video out and rca audio? I tried play with many combinations of PCM/AV and spid, hdmi pass through but no matter what I set it either no sound or sound come out from hdmi still. Please advice, thank you!
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